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Study design:

Prospective observational study


Sample size:

120 Participants


Study Sites:

Bispebjerg Hospital, Rigshospitalet & Region Hovedstadens Akutberedskab


Inclusion criteria:

– Adult patients (≥18 years) admitted (with at least one night stay) with an acute medical or surgical disease and scheduled for discharge to their own homes

-Adult patients (≥18 years) who have contacted the EMS and, after assessment by paramedic personnel, not deemed sick enough for immediate hospital admission.


Study Procedures:

The study aims to investigate the use of wireless, continuous monitoring in patients at home including the frequency of alarms triggered by abnormal vital parameters and their significance for (re)hospitalisation/Serious 

Adverse Events(SAE) and/or death within 30 days.



(re)hospitalisation/Serious Adverse Events(SAE) and/or death within 30 days.


Primary Investigators:

Emilie Sigvardt, MD